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 Check out the latest titles by Brooke Gilbert.  Books available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Walmart, Kindle, Audible, iTunes, & other retailers.  Sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page to receive alerts of upcoming releases and sales. Receive a free romance quiz to see which leading man from current and upcoming novels would be your perfect match! Or take the quiz at and enter your email to see your results!


If you enjoyed this novel, I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider leaving a review on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, or recommend my book to any family or friends who you think might enjoy it! Reviews are invaluable for authors and help us be able to continue to do what we love and hopefully what you enjoy us doing too. I also love seeing readers post photos with the book on social media! Meeting readers is one of the most exciting parts of this journey :)


Thank you, Brooke


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I am constantly writing and hope to release more novels soon. I am currently working on publishing my next one. It’s my healthy addiction. I’d love to connect with you whether to discuss writing, literature, pets, hobbies,

travel dreams, or everyday life!


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