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The Aloha Butterfly Kiss: Under the Hawaiian Sun


Donations to The Maui Strong Fund can be made here. They will be focusing on recovery and rapid response for the devastating wildfires. Created by the Hawai'i Community Foundation. No fees will be collected and 100% of donations will go to the community. More ways to donate and help can be found here. Prayers and love go out to all the victims and their families, as well as the Maui community.  


It’s love at first sniff for their service dogs, but certainly not for them.

Guinevere is traveling to Hawaii to attend her dream ukulele convention with her service dog in tow. Battling Lupus, she’s always dreamed of the beach but never had an opportunity to go.

Locke is a brooding, mysterious surfer that literally picks Guin up from the shore. His dog loves the water as much as he does and neither can be parted from the sea for very long.

When Guinevere washes up on shore, the sand isn’t the only thing that rubs her the wrong way. If it wasn’t for her service dog’s attraction to the stranger’s canine companion, these two would have probably parted ways long ago. And then there’s the fact that her "VRBO" may be the missing link between them.

Guin quickly finds out that her approach to beach life is “all wrong” and that it’s going to take someone like Locke to show her the way. In return, he might let her start helping him to accept why he needs a service dog in the first place.

Is it possible for your “soulmutt” to pick your soulmate?

If you like novels with lots of banter, heartwarming scenes, lovable and relatable characters, and swoony moments, then this book is for you! Buy now to travel to Maui’s magical shores today! Get your ukulele ready :) 


This is the third standalone novel in the International Soulmates Series.  Each book in the series is a standalone so you can read them in any order! This is a sweet romance for clean and wholesome romance readers from the author of The Paris Soulmate and The Irish Fall. Escape to the tropical island of Maui, Hawaii in this romance novel. Readers are laughing, crying, and falling in love with these characters. And hopefully, if you have a chronic illness, you will feel seen.

This novel features “Own Voice” Lupus, arthritic and chronic pain, migraines, fainting, and mental health. This disability representation is written by an author who battles several autoimmune disorders. Emotional abuse, organ transplant, Alzheimer's, and other disabilities are represented in this novel as well.

This is a clean novel. Descriptive kissing only. No cursing. Faith conversations included. Trigger warnings: mild medical episodes (including discussions of organ transplant), discussions of emotional abuse including gaslighting (very minimal discussions), and descriptions of a water related accident.


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5% of Amazon proceeds will go toward Maui Relief and 5% will go toward Lupus & Alzheimer’s research:


To make a donation to the Maui Strong Fund


To make a donation to the Lupus Foundation of America


To make a donation to the Alzheimer’s Association:



Online Help Resource for emotional abuse:


Online Help Resource for organ transplant patients:



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