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The Roman Agenda


She wasn’t looking for love, especially not one that came in a bad boy, inked wrapping. 

River is a quirky art teacher who likes to follow the rules. Well, most of the time. She isn’t looking for a man and especially not one inked in tattoos. 

Bennet is a high school English teacher who enjoys picking up some extra shifts as a tattoo artist. A modern day James Dean who is utterly confused about the effect he has on the ladies. And the one time he does try to have an effect on a woman, he scares her away completely. 

When these two meet during an after school art therapy class, he falls hard for her and secretly she does too. But there's just one problem . . . she's afraid to fall in love. After River is diagnosed with a rare Mast Cell disorder and then more autoimmune disorders, she determines once and for all that she can only offer Bennet friendship. It’s a nice excuse to hide behind those other fears that are rooted much deeper inside.

When River receives a job offer to teach art classes and art therapy sessions at a Bed and Breakfast in beautiful Roma, she takes the once in a lifetime opportunity. She thinks time away will help her heart forget. But when events lead her to make a phone call to her best friend, Bennet, for help with her classes, she's surprised at how quickly he shows up

Is the Eternal city enough to finally end the torture of an unrequited love? 



This is the third standalone novel in the International Soulmates Series. The Roman Agenda, is a clean romantic comedy book for school romance and slow burn romance readers from the author of The Paris Soulmate, Brooke Gilbert. This Italian novel and Southern romance lets readers travel from the comfort of their home to the gorgeous Smoky Mountains and the enchanting city of Rome, Italy. Readers are laughing, crying, and falling in love with the characters. And hopefully, if you have a chronic illness, you will feel seen.


This novel features in her “own voice” Mast Cell Disorder, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, migraines, mental health and body image issues. This disability representation is written by an author who also battles these disorders. Eating disorders, body image disorders (not identified due to spoilers), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and mental health are represented in this novel as well. This is a clean novel. Descriptive kissing only. No cursing. Faith conversations included. Trigger warnings: mild medical episodes and discussions of body image issues and disorders.





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5% of Amazon proceeds will go toward Mast Cell & POTS research and 5% will go toward body disorder foundation::


To make a donation to The Mast Cell Disease Society:

To make a donation to the Standing up to POTS :


To make a donation to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America:!/donation/checkout



Online Help Resource for social anxiety:


Online Help Resource for body disorders such as BDD:


Online Help Resource for emotional abuse:

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