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The Irish Fall

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Currently Writing. A sweet romantic comedy novel. This travel romance take readers to the beautiful Moher cliffs of Ireland. 

A woman with Crohn's and Endometriosis decides on a desperate whim to take the first appealing flight out of town, landing her in the beautiful landscape of Ireland. While visiting the cliffs of Moher, an Irish tour guide spots Eyre looking lost at the edge of the cliffs. Something about the beautiful woman draws him to her and he can't help but get involved. Even his cynical and jaded heart starts to pick up in beat as he approaches her. He decides to collect her along with the rest of his tour group, which somehow always happens to be filled with older women, who much to his chagrin love his Irish accent. 


After meeting the handsome Darby (definitely not to be confused with Darcy), Eyre quickly learns that he hates his job and the hilarious Irish uniform that it entails. After taking her back to the tour office, Darby's boss and grandfather figure invites Eyre to stay with them. Makenna's whole goal along with the family dog, Lucky, seems to be to embarrass the young lad. Darby decides to show Eyre the heart of Ireland and in doing so, shows her how much heart she has left in herself. And the more time they spent together, the more he slowly learns what prompted her to buy a plane ticket and leave everything behind. But Darby has a secret of his own. He has his own demons he's battling. A different sort of invisible fight he faces every day. One that has led him to shut the world out and never get emotionally involved with a woman.


With the help of a grumpy Irish grandfather figure, a quirky border collie, and a fiery grandmotherly bartender, these two start to open up to one another. They witness the unrequited love between these two grandparent figures–one that's been burning for nearly fifty years–and  see what it's like to miss out on life due to fear. And their advice starts to slowly open Eyre and Darby's eyes to the tragedy of missed opportunities. But will Eyre and Darby's time together be enough for them to face the demons they've been trying to outrun for so long? Furthermore, will it be enough for them to fall in love? 

Coming Soon. Will be available on Amazon, Kindle, audible, and iTunes. 

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The Irish Fall


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