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Dear Doris


A diner waitress is about to get swept off her feet with a year of love letters all written on the back of order tickets.

Cary has just stepped foot on American soil and the first thing he plans to do is propose to his girlfriend. As he waits for her in a diner booth, he’s starting to realize he might not get the warmest welcome coming back from the Vietnam War. 

Doris is a waitress working hard to pay her medical bills and trying to manage her newly diagnosed diabetes. She can’t help but notice the handsome soldier fidgeting with a ring box in one of the diner booths. Being compassionate and somewhat nosy, she can’t stop herself from going over and giving him a confidence boost. 

When it’s clear that Cary’s girlfriend has moved on while he was away at war and that a “no” is fast approaching to his question, Doris feels an even stronger connection to this man. She leaves a special note on Cary’s ticket and pays for his meal. It’s the first kindness and feeling of welcome he’s gotten so far. And he begins coming into the diner every day to leave her a written message on the back of his ticket in hopes of getting to know her . . . and soon with the hopes of winning her heart. 

But Doris has a reason she doesn’t get involved with men. Will Cary be different? And will he be able to win her heart? 


This is the first standalone novel in the Retro Romance series: Love Through the Decades. This is a sweet romance for clean and wholesome romance readers from the author of The Paris Soulmate. Escape to the South in this summer romance novel. Readers are laughing, crying, and falling in love with these characters. And hopefully, if you have a chronic illness, you will feel seen.

This novel features disability representation written by an author who also battles autoimmune disorders herself. Diabetes and mental health is represented in this novella. The author’s aunt battles diabetes and this condition is close to the author’s heart.


This is a clean/closed door novel. Descriptive kissing only. No cursing. Faith conversations included. Trigger warnings: mild medical episodes, and PTSD.





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