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My Author Journey through Photos! (Welcome to the Blog!)

Updated: May 11

Brooke Gilbert is a Tennessee native, a microbiology graduate of the University of Tennessee, and a border collie mom. She is, as you may have already guessed, a hopeless romantic and a lover of Jane Austen. When she isn’t writing, she works as a jewelry designer, an audiobook narrator, and a graphic designer. Her writing features characters with autoimmune disorders, something she deals with herself. She believes it is important for these types of characters to be seen in modern literature and started writing so she could see someone like herself in literature. She is considered a medical mystery and has several rare autoimmune disorders. These disorders caused her to withdraw from Physician Assistant School, but she is happy to be pursuing her dreams of designing, creating, and writing. She thanks God for leading her heart on this alternative path and recites “perhaps this is the moment for which you were created” in times of doubt (Esther 4:14).

She loves watching classic films (thrillers and romantic comedies, too), reading, playing the ukulele, painting, dancing, Pilates, and spending time with her dog, family, and friends. One of her favorite quotes is from Flashdance: “When you give up on your dreams, you die.” She believes that if you’re waiting to pursue your dreams, stop waiting and start doing. Your time is now. And may you never stop being a hopeless romantic. Contrary to popular belief, it’s an excellent quality. She’s still looking for her Mr. Darcy. Visit to connect and stay updated on her latest projects.

A little about me through photos:

My favorite places to write are at the park, in the mountains, or on the lake. Especially with my writing companion.


My debut book was never supposed to be published. Thanks to the support of many people, I found the courage to self publish, hoping 5 people might read it. The book became a Swoony Award Finalist in 2023.


My second novel, The Irish Fall, features a border collie who is modeled after my own. Lucky shares all of Rio Blue's quirks.


I drew the third cover of my novel, The Aloha Butterfly Kiss, using Bella and my Jazz ukulele as inspiration.


I began as an audiobook narrator. I'd done over 500 audio auditions, and I wasn't anyone like myself. So I started writing for therapy, never meaning to publish. These photos were taken like I was editing the audio for my first audiobook of one of my novels :) A surreal moment.

I'd love to hear about your journey and how you came to find my books/blogs! Comment down below!

Love and all the spoons,

Brooke :)

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