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Book labels for The Irish Fall Brooke Gilbert. Book plates for Romance novel. Irish gifts, romance reader, travel book, or book lover gift. Click to buy now.

This listing is for an author signature and bookplate of The Irish Fall by Brooke Gilbert. This romance book is a great gift for anyone who loves Irish and loves to travel! Perfect for the hopeless romantic in your life! These bookplates are the perfect option for international readers! They can stick in the front of the book and make your book a signed edition at an affordable price due to shipping costs! I wanted to offer these book labels so that everyone that wanted a signed copy could have one! I also have printout options available. I will sign the cover printout and write a personalized message on the signing page print out. Thank you so much for supporting an author's dream! Your support helps tremendously especially since I am an indie author :)

***International and Domestic shipping is included in the price! I will use stamps to send the package to make shipping more affordable! Tracking will not be available on this item.***

🇮🇪🍀Book Description 🍀🇮🇪

Eyre goes to find her heart in Ireland, what she doesn’t realize is she will be leaving it there.

Eyre decides she’s had enough and jumps on the first appealing flight, landing her in the heart of Ireland. As she looks out from the Cliffs of Moher, she thinks about how much Crohn’s and endometriosis have forced her to give up in life. 

Darby, definitely not to be confused with Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy, is a cynical and jaded Irishman who doesn’t get emotionally involved–a true grump. While giving a tour, he spots a woman dangerously close to the edge of the cliffs, and he’s drawn to her. 

But everything’s about to change for both of them. Darby collects Eyre as part of his tour group and decides to show her the heart of Ireland, and in doing so, shows her how much heart she still has left to give. 

Darby has his own demons to face–invisible ones that he battles every day. With the help of a curmudgeonly older Irish man, a quirky border collie, and a fiery yet grandmotherly bartender, Eyre and Darby’s wounded souls start to open up their hearts to each other. But is the healing power of Ireland enough to open a guarded heart? And is love enough to help a scarred soul face the demons he has been trying to outrun for so long?

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Book labels / author plate for The Irish Fall Brooke Gilbert. Book plates Roma

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