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The Heartbeats of Aloha


Separated by tragedy, reunited by fate, will these star-crossed lovers get a second chance at love?




I’ve been in love with the same woman since we were children. I never imagined I’d become a romance writer with a hidden identity, but I wanted to see her again, if only for three hundred pages. When her uncle asked me for help with a plan to get her out of a bad situation, how could I say no to a fake relationship with my childhood love?




I broke up with the only man I ever loved to protect him. Music became my escape, but with fame came trade-offs such as my label turning a ukulele festival into a publicity stunt between me and their ukulele superstar–aka my ex. That's the last thing I need for my anxiety and panic attacks. But my uncle's fake relationship plan might prove even more dangerous because all my love songs are about my childhood sweetheart, and it’s only a matter of time until he realizes I never fell out of love with him. 


Reef is having a difficult time opening his heart up again, especially since secrets are weighing him down. Luna knows she’s playing with fire because she’ll only fall even harder this time and that’s something she has no right to do. 


These star-crossed lovers have been pining for over a decade. Will reality be better than fantasy? Or when their secrets come to light, will they wish they’d left them buried in the past?


The Heartbeats of Aloha is a heartwarming standalone book in The International Soulmates romantic fiction series. If you like heartfelt moments filled with swoony kisses, traveling to tropical locations with a cast of bantering characters, including an adorable doggie, and books with representation and emotional journeys, then Brooke Gilbert’s moving story is for you!


Read The Heartbeats of Aloha to experience the island's healing rhythm today!

—------------------Triggers (spoilers may be included)----------------------

Triggers (spoilers may be included):  Anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. They will be discussed in depth and an attack will be seen on the page. Childhood cancer (with survival) and infertility.

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Coming Soon! Blurb reveal May 2024, Cover Reveal June 2024, and release July 2024. For pre-sale ONLY the ebook will be available for 40% off. Pre-sale opens July 2024. This book will not be a part of the Kindle Unlimited program. So make sure to check out the pre-sale! Goodreads giveaway will begin on July 2024. Make sure to enter to win a signed copy! The book will be available in print on Amazon and other major retailers on July 2024. Pre-sale discounts will be available on ALL platforms! Your support means the world to me and without it, I wouldn't be able to keep publishing!

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