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Amazing Own Voice Story! (Review of Tara Bie's Piece in Chronically Empowered)

Updated: May 11

How did I not know this existed?!?! Better yet, how did I not know our very own spoonie sister, Tara, was a brilliant writer (@taras.littlelibrary)!!! The piece she wrote for this collection is absolutely incredible! This entire book is filled with so many empowering stories! I can't wait to read the rest, but I had to go ahead and post about hers! I'd love to see her start a Patreon for her writing. Sign me up!!! 🙋‍♀️ I see a future bestselling writer in our midst . . . #OwnVoice representation for the win!

Read the book here!

"We all have a day, you know, a day that seems like just another one but actually change your life without you even knowing."
"Please know you're not alone. There's a whole community behind you rooting for you to win. You are so loved and can accomplish anything you want to. The rain will end and until it does capture every single rainbow moment life offers you; they are so worth it."

Things I adored in this book:

💊 Chronic Health Representation

🎙️ #OwnVoices

❤️‍🩹 Raw & Vulnerable Stories

🥹Uplifting Message

✍️ The Writing

I wanted to speak about Tara Bie's piece. The prose was powerful, the story incredibly relatable, and the ending something I will cherish forever. I think I highlighted the entire last page of the article! Lol. If you are feeling like you can't go on, if you feel that your chronic condition has gotten the better of you, or if you are feeling like the fight isn't worth it any longer, then you need to read this article!!! It honestly came to me at one of those times in my life. It arrived at one of the darkest weeks of my life and was truly a gift. I had just received some of the worst news I've gotten so far in my life, and as if it was fate, this piece found me. This article was like a salve for the soul.

Tara says it is a win if someone is there reading her words. And it is on so many levels. It most certainly was for me, and it will be for so many others. It definitely is a big win for the spoonie community. And so for now, I will "capture every single rainbow moment life offers [me]." Because yes Tara, thank you for reminding me, "they are so worth it."

CW: Medical Episodes.

"But I was not done fighting."

"I have learned to love myself and my disabilities, I do not treat them like they are flaws anymore, they are just part of me…I love how strong my body and mind have been through all this."

Discussion Questions


Spoonie Discussion Questions

What OwnVoices disability authors/books would you recommend?

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What was your favorite part of this story?

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What part did you find most comforting?

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