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Two Goodreads Giveaways!!! & Pre-Sale Raffle

Updated: May 11

Goodreads Giveaway News

One week left to enter the Goodreads giveaway for The Paris Soulmate and The Irish Fall! I'll be giving away 100 ebook copies of The Paris Soulmate and three paperback copies of The Irish Fall in honor of the upcoming release of the new novel! If you live in the U.S., the book will be signed! If you live outside the U.S., I will mail you a signed book plate to go with the paperback! :)

I wanted to give away three paperback copies so you could travel to the colorful village of Doolin with Eyre and Darby! I began writing so I could see someone like myself in fiction, particularly romance. I believe it's extremely important to see chronic illness representation. This novel is extremely raw and vulnerable to me as it discusses several heavier issues, such as suicidal thoughts and infertility. I hope that the humor and romance in the novel provide a safe space to explore these issues. And it is my wish that it makes these topics easier to discuss in society. Above all, I hope this novel helps women with chronic illness feel seen and to know that they are beautiful and worthy of love. I really hope you enjoy this novel!

And with that in mind, I wanted to giveaway the first book in the International Soulmate Series as well. While the books in the series are complete standalone novels and can be read in any order, I thought it would be fun to introduce the other soulmates in the series: Christine and Colin. I hope you enter and if you win that you enjoy traveling around the magical and romantic City of Love with them. There's nowhere quite like Paris for love :)

Thank you so much for your love and support! Sending you endless spoons!

Brooke ❤️🥄

Pre-Sale Raffle & ARC Thank You Raffle News

I also wanted to send out a reminder to sign up for the pre-sale raffle if you do order The Irish Fall on pre-sale! This will help me be able to draw the winners! I'm also doing a raffle for ARC and Beta readers as a thank you! If you filled out the ARC sign-up form or we talked on IG, then you will be automatically entered so you don't need to do anything! It will be a separate drawing.

📖 Pre-order is 40% off! 📖 Find all places to order here. Add to Goodreads & Bookbub to get updates!

Subscribe to the newsletter to get all the latest updates! A giveaway is included in each one! Sign up here. Also if you'd like to know when a new blog article is released, then follow the blog writer, me. lol. Just click on my name by my picture and click follow. I'm working with Wix, but as of right now, I don't know of any other way to send notifications to those who want them!

🎉💃 Enter the pre-order raffle after placing your pre-sale order of The Irish Fall at!!! Lots of prizes and winners! I'll be showing the prizes soon on IG or the blog. All newsletter subs get a bookmark & signed author plate with purchase! So fill out the form!!!💃 🎉

🎗️ I'm donating 5% of my Amazon proceeds toward endo & Crohn's research and 5% toward Suicide Prevention🎗️

For a limited time the ebook will be on sale at Nook, iBook, Vivlio, Thalia, & Smashwords: July 5th-July 10th. On pre-sale now!

Coming to Amazon Kindle Unlimited & to Print Release at Major Retailers on July 13th

Presale links:

Stay Up to Date. Check out the launch page:


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