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Unorthodox Love Audiobook Review

A sweet romance with infertility representation and #OwnVoices Orthodox Judaism :) This is my first read from Heidi Shertok and it won't be my last! I was so excited to get an advanced copy on NetGalley. ❤️

Title: Unorthodox Love

Author: Heidi Shertok

Narrator: Caitlin Thorburn

Pub Date: July 11, 2023

Audio Length: 13 hr. 14 min

Genres: Rom-Com, Romance, Comedy, Sweet Romance

Tropes: enemies to lovers, grumpy sunshine, virgin vs. experienced, workplace romance, fake relationship

Representation: Yes! Infertility and Orthodox Judaism

OwnVoices: Yes, Orthodox Judaism

Character/plot: Character Driven

Feeling: Lighthearted, Sweet, Humorous, Tender, Gentle

TW/CWs: This is a sweet romance. Some cursing. Infertility.

Romance: Sweet, Kissing Only

She once said the whole point of getting married is to have kids so I'd be lucky if anyone was interested in me. Then patted my hand as if to soften the blow.
What was he about to say? That I was seen as damaged, less than, not good enough?
A person is more than their reproductive organs . . . you are so much more than that . . . you're more than whole. you're perfect.
We all have our hardships and our struggles, but we're all Godly souls. And my job as his mother is to love him unconditionally . . .And our job as Jews is to see the Godly spark in everyone, not to judge each other.

Things I adored:

⛪️ Faith in a Rom-Com

✡️ Learning about Orthodox Judaism

🚺 An infertile FMC

🪄 NO magic cures!!!

🙌 Amazing rep!

👩‍❤️‍👨Gentle & Sweet Love Story

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Family Centered

😂 Funny Banter

I absolutely adored this book! It's not often that you find a romantic comedy novel that centers around infertility and does an outstanding job at handling these issues. I loved the representation in this novel and getting to learn more about orthodox Judaism. But for me, the real magic was being able to relate and connect to a character like Penina. I thank the author for not downplaying or avoiding the emotions that come with infertility while also giving readers lots of swoon and humor. I absolutely loved how she handled what it was like to date as someone who faces infertility. Brilliant! Add in faith aspects and a man who not only wants Penina to see her worth, but also wants to support her faith, and this easily became one of my favorite listens of the year!

Thank you to NetGalley, the Publisher, author, and narrator for an advanced copy of this audiobook! All opinions are my own.

*Please note: I listened to the audiobook (which was amazing) so I have tried to annotate the quotes as best as possible :)



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